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General Guidelines

The below are general guidelines for procedures at Garden State Endoscopy Center. Please speak with your physician if any of these conditions apply to you in order to make your experience as seamless as possible. 

Guidelines / Criteria for Procedures at GSEC 


  • BMI above 50 

  • BMI between 45 and 50 needs prior authorization from one anesthesiologist.  The patient needs to provide a clear picture of themselves and may be requested to go to the center for an anesthesiologist to evaluate the patient’s clinical history and airways. 

  • ASA Score IV and above 

  • Patients with active respiratory infections or conditions with associated decreased oxygen saturation levels less than 95% on room air.  

  • Patient dependent on home oxygen therapy. 

  • Patient with fever; patients who are symptomatic, with clinical evidence of serious underlying infectious or noninfectious medical condition.  

  • Cardiac patients with ejection fraction less than 35%.  Patients with unstable or uncontrolled cardiac conditions such as arrythmias, significant valvular disease.  

  • Patients with unstable vital signs:  sustained blood pressure reading with systolic > 180 or diastolic >105.   

  • Patients with unstable neurological conditions.  

  • Renal patients receiving dialysis need to have dialysis treatment no less than 24 hours prior to their scheduled endoscopic exam.  These patients also need to be medically stable otherwise.  

  • Patients receiving peritoneal dialysis may be treated at GSEC if other clinical parameters reflect medically stable.  

  • Patients on semaglutide (i.e. Wegovy, Mounjaro, Rybelsus) should stop the medication AT LEAST 7 days prior to their procedure. 

  • Patients on Phentermine should stop the medication 4 days prior to the procedure.  

  • Patients that use Marijuana should discontinue use 8 hours prior to the procedure. 

  • Patients with defibrillators will NOT be treated at GSEC 

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